Movie Magic

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Description: Boyfriends Andy Taylor and Dylan Hayes are making a full production out of their snuggly, stay in clip night: popcorn, melted butter, cuddles on the bed and playful chemistry betwixt the nice-looking guys as Andy attempts to discharge and score a not many points tossing popcorn at the beautiful gayboy, using his face hole as a basket. They realize they'd the one and the other fare far more excellent tossing their OTHER orgasmic gifts around and using the large baskets bulging out down under! Thankfully, Dylan didn't fill up on popcorn so, that guy's got a lot of room left for jock; and, Andy’s definitely got a LOT of penis! Taylor always gives his chaps the FULL treatment; but, when your boyfriend's got THE most good wazoo EVER, u skip the main course and go str8 for dessert! Dylan's derriere look's totally appealing bent over the sofa with his back arched so Andy can easily access his puckered fun center. Taylor tosses that salad like a celebrity sous chef, making it the appetizer, entre' AND his thick throbber's yummy, bareback after dinner delight! This Guy spins his strong meal around to gaze at Hayes’ beautiful face whilst the bionic bootied bottom hammers his haunches unfathomable down onto Andy's biggest, apple headed hog. Taylor wraps the glamorous guy up in his tattooed arms then, cums crashing back into the him during the time that this guy lay on his back. This Chab slams his sledgehammer hard as hell, bringing this large, ass bangin' boneing to a hawt, nut runny homerun! Hayes heaves his hefty hump load onto his own perfect flesh, just as Taylor’s about to make a splash. This Chab tosses a tidal wave of stroke onto his hawt, spent, thick bootied, bawdy blonde playgirl and it nails the wicked dude all the way up to his neck! Hayes lookes like a little slice of heaven, drenched in wang and Andy can't resist going in for one greater amount, mouthwatering kiss.
Channel: Helix