Dormitory room is empty, merely 2 boyfrends remain there and use such a chance of having homosexual sex act

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Description: When you’re horny—like, TRULY horny—nothing else in the world matters. It’s gorgeous much impossible to focus on everything, like the fact that your boyfriend is busy finishing up important homework. Coz priority number one is your urgent need to ejaculate. This Day, Dalton finds himself in just such a jam, but Anthony is also immersed in his laptop to aid out. So the hunky, blonde Russian devises a elementary, but clever plan to grab his hawt boyfriend’s attention. This Chab waves his biggest, uncut dong in Anthony’s face. And truly, who could possibly ignore that thing? Anthony’s homework quickly moves to the back burner as that guy struggles to squeeze in Dalton’s generously thick, strong pole. Starring: Dalton Briggs, Anthony Verusso
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