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Description: Be they playing around jointly on the beach or cavorting in the pool (using a collection of dildos as water toys), this group of slutty bastards know exactly how to have a real precious time. Not that that will surprise any our fans given the roll-call involved – Rudy Bodlak, Brad Fitt, Damian Dickey, Tim Walker, Timmy Taylor and Connor Levi. But what might come as smth of an eye-opener (or should that be gazoo-opener?) is the manner with which much of the 1st half of this immodest little escapade is filmed, as director John Smith adopts a somewhat kinky, underwater vision of rod-engulfing and booty-fucking, the like of which hardly any will have ever witnessed in advance of. It's experimental in each sense; but matters pretty soon gain a much greater amount conventional aspect as the gang's quest for knob and wazoo gains an increasingly feverish hold on everybody anxious. Suffice it to say that if the sight of Dickey fucking Fitt fucking Levi, being sucked off by Walker (etc) doesn't do it for u then (with all respect) we suspect u're in the wrong biz entirely. Those chaps indeed are at the top of their game, and there's no question in our minds that u lads are plan to be banging out load after load in appreciation of the unrivalled perversion that unfolds. Needless to say, it's Fitt and Levi – 2 of our hottest bottoms – who serve as the main focus of all that pent-up male energy; and it's solely fitting that they action as cum-dumps when the white stuff begins to blow (of which there's fucking loads)! It all leaves the chaps coated with spunk, but clearly mega pleasured! A feeling u're certain to share!
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