Couple of cute 19 years old twinks enjoy first date on the air and after hot kiss guys move home to fuck one another

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Description: It's a pretty day for a romantic date at a breathtaking San Diego garden. Nicholas Romero and Dustin Cook take in all the angel the plants, birds and bee's have to suggest in advance of they head home to show the birds and bees UP! With juvenile hormones violent, they kiss and explore one some other's glamorous, smooth bodies with their tongues. Romero is a sucker for a precious ramrod and Dustin's 10-Pounder is to die for. That Guy worships the weapon with moist, wild abandon as this guy eye copulates Cook's chiseled cheek boned face. Appreciating each divine unfathomable face hole drink, Dustin pushes Romero down onto the couch to show his guy just how cheerful that guy's made him. Cook works the kid's smooth schlong and balls in advance of ordering Nick to flip over so this guy can eat that astonishing booty. The lad's wazoo is really a thing of gal. Nicholas knows it and shows his prized possession off perfectly, arching his back during the time that Cook tongue copulates the flawless widen. Dustin eases back to admire the work of art whilst gaping the pretty peach and inspecting the warm, inviting insides with his fingers. Romero can no longer expect and needs 10-Pounder in his aperture NOW. After the nice dining, Dustin is willing for dessert himself and plunges that marvelous bareback piece unfathomable into his gayboy. Romero is the consummate embodiment of a bottom, his joy cums from his nice-looking gap being plugged and Cook makes sure to wang the kid REAL admirable, pulling him by the hair as Romero rolls his horned up thighs around. This Guy makes sure Dustin's weenie swirls and circles every and each nasty nerve ending for ultimate a-hole fun. One Time Nicholas is on his back, Cook actually takes the kid to pound city. That Guy slams sphincter severely as that guy stands, his own smooth wazoo looking gorgeous as fuck as it flexes, sending weenie to the unfathomable depths of Romero's raw raunchy center. The lusty, latin bottom barely has to touch himself to send seed shooting from his knob. Cook whips his ramrod out and BLASTS the guy completely EVERYWHERE, hitting Romero right on the chin causing a blinding smile to jism across the face of the glamorous bronze bottom.
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